Megaloads: Exxon should stick it to Missoula

July 06, 2011 9:15 am

Thinking about the recent decision regarding the megaloads brought up the following ideas about jobs and our own Tammany Hall.

First of all, I suggest Exxon, on subsequent trips through Missoula- and I do believe there will be more trips - employ two tankers to accompany them through Missoula County. One should contain diesel and the other regular gasoline. As the need exists they could fuel their own rigs, as well as their sub-contractors. When they leave Missoula County and enter Granite County, the tenders should return to Lolo Pass and await future loads on natural resource production equipment. I recommend that Exxon not spend one red cent in Missoula County. In fact, when they lay over close to Lolo, they should recommend to their employees and sub-contractors Ravalli County to seek nightly respite instead of using Lolo motels.

I know this will infuriate the local businesses, but no one is more infuriated than I at many of our local businesses that will not get involved in slowing the gradual losses of freedom and increases of cost to the taxpayer created by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of the City Council and the "troika" County Commissioners.

Until the local businesses that need to thrive here get off their duffs and become involved in tossing these New Party, anti-American, anti-Montana tree huggers' groups out of office, either of two things will happen: nothing, or times will get worse.

Will Deschamps, Missoula